September 20, 2020

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Sober Houses in Colorado

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Colorado sober houses are transitional living environments for those who are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction and have completed at least a 30 day stint in treatment or have been sober for at least a couple of weeks and are ready to transition back into the “real world.” These homes are also known as halfway houses, sober living houses or transitional housing but all three terms typically mean that the home is for newly recovering addicts who are making an honest attempt at living sober and abstaining from the use of drugs or alcohol.

There are many situations which can lead to sober living. Colorado residents often find themselves in a sober house as a result of having been released from jail or a treatment center under the guidelines of having to live in a sober house. Others choose to continue their recovery efforts in the clean and sober environment that is provided in a sober house by free will. Regardless of how residents land in a sober living home in Colorado, the rules, regulations and living accommodations are much the same.

Sober Living Rules

Each sober house in Colorado has its own individual set of rules that all residents will be expected to follow. While the rules from one sober house to the next may differ, there are some rules that tend to be the same across the board. For instance, all residents of a sober house will be expected to remain sober and to abstain from the use of drugs or alcohol while they are residents of the home. Home managers do their part to ensure this by providing residents with random drug and alcohol testing that ensures they are clean.

Violations of the rules while living in a sober house may require the resident to pay a fine, write an essay, apologize to other residents or perform some other means of punishment. In the event that rules are continuously broken or if there are irreconcilable differences, the resident may be asked to vacate the sober living environment once and for all.

Finding Sober Living Homes in Colorado

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, a sober house may be your next step in the recovery process once you have completed in inpatient rehabilitation program. Sober houses in Colorado are located in most major cities as well as smaller rural areas so whether you live in Denver or Boulder or a smaller town, we can help you find a sober house that’s close to your family and friends.

Call our helpline at 800-373-1667 to talk with an adviser who can help you find the right sober living home for your individual needs. Our comprehensive directory of sober houses in Colorado makes finding and choosing the best sober house for your continued recovery as easy as 1,2,3.