September 22, 2020

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Making the Most Out of Your Christian Sober Living Experience

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For some people, Christian sober living houses are an amazing experience that helps them to gently reenter living in society as a sober individual. However, for other people it may feel overwhelming or awkward, but there are ways in which a person can make the most out of their Christian sober living experience.

Benefits of Christian Sober Houses

Reentering society after overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is a difficult task for many people. Some cannot handle the stress and quickly end up relapsing, while others try to push through the stress without any help. Christian sober living houses help people slowly adapt to living back in society and relieve some of that stress.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, science has proven that stress, stimuli linked to the drug experience, such as people, places, and things, as well as exposure to drugs, are the most common triggers for relapse.

sober living for religious people

The community feel of Christian sober living is sure to help you in your recovery.

A Christian sober living house will provide a person with a safe and drug free place to live that is filled with support to help the individual in question to stay strong. At a sober house a person will have a family type atmosphere as they will be living with other people trying to accomplish the same goal as them—to stay sober and reincorporate daily routines into their lifestyle while adjusting to living sober in a society filled with temptation.  Each individual in the sober home will also have responsibilities and rules that they must adhere to while living there such as cleaning schedules, curfews, and visitor hours.

Through a Christian sober living house the recovering individual will slowly relearn the concept of responsibility and will gradually develop the skills they lost from their drug or alcohol addiction.  Each person at a sober living house will be held accountable for paying their portion of rent, further reinforcing the importance of responsibility.

Making the Most Out of Your Christian Sober Living Experience

Although Christian sober living houses are meant to reduce stress and help nurture a person, they can still be a challenge for a person to adapt to. However, a person should always remember that this is just one step closer to their goal of sobriety, and their sober living home will be a safe and secure place for them to discuss their problems and come home to every day.

In order to make the most out of their experience at a Christian sober living house, a person should make sure to follow the rules and involve themselves in the discussions and learning experiences the home provides. This living experience is extremely temporary and in order for a person to be successful at regaining control of their life again, they need to take on responsibility and relearn social skills. Both of these things can be accomplished in a Christian sober living house.