December 14, 2019

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How 12 Step Programs Aid in Sober Living

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For people coming off long histories of alcohol or drug abuse, recovery becomes a stage-by-stage process of growth and change that often takes place within different types of treatment settings.

Sober living programs operate as semi-independent living environments, offering much needed support during the transitional period between residential treatment and the return back to everyday living.

Anyone who’s gone through drug treatment likely has experience with 12-Step support groups.

As the most commonly used treatment model, the 12-Step support approach plays a central role within treatment programs of all types.

Its use within sober living programs works to promote continued guidance and support in recovery while helping a person develop the type of mindset and behavior that supports long-term sobriety.

Sober Living Programs

12 step programs in sober living facilities

12 step support group attendance is mandatory in some sober living communities.

The transition from a structured drug treatment program to everyday life can be overwhelming.

For someone recovering from a chronic addiction problem, this degree of change can easily leave him or her vulnerable to relapse and resumed drug use.

According to the U. S. National Library of Medicine, sober living programs offer drug- and alcohol-free living environments where those in recovery can begin the process of rebuilding their lives within a recovery-focused living environment.

Sober living programs also instate sets of rules that create structure and stability within a person’s life as well as within the household itself. Rules commonly enforced within sober living homes include:

  • Must maintain employment or be seeking employment
  • Monthly rent payment
  • Curfew requirements
  • 12-Step support group attendance and participation
  • No drugs or alcohol on premises
  • Household chores

If you’re not sure whether a 12 step program is right for you, or if you need help finding a sober living program that incorporates 12 step recovery methods into their overall offering, call our helpline toll free at 800-373-1667 for immediate assistance. Sober House will help you find and choose a facility that’s right for your needs.

Benefits of 12 Step Support in Sober House Communities