July 15, 2020

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Types of Services Offered at a Sober House

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If you have recently left—or are preparing to leave—rehab, you might greatly benefit from these and all of the other services provided by a sober living facility. Sober houses meet the needs of those who require continued long-term sobriety and a drug and alcohol-free environment. There are many types of services used in addiction treatment in a sober house.

Job Counseling

Job counseling or job training is vital to sober recovery. Most people who suffer from addiction also suffer from a lack of job training. Many of them lose their employment during the addiction and subsequent rehab.

Some sober houses require a resident to be employed, and many cannot get a job without the vital training that these sober houses may provide. At the very least, many of them provide the basics of:

  • Job search skills
  • Resume writing
  • Employment evaluation
Services Offered

Some sober houses provide job skills training.

Not all sober houses offer these services. Therefore, if you are interested in them, call SoberHouse.com at 800-373-1667 to research your options and get connected to a house that meets your needs.

GED Coaching and Help with Education

Many addicts never finish high school. Many sober houses have help with receiving your GED. They offer study programs and assistance with registration at a community center or school; some even offer help with registration for a training program at a vocational school or technical training facility. A few sober houses offer their own classes, such as life skills.

12 Step Facilitation

12 step facilitation therapies are processes in which a recovering addict is assigned a sponsor for an appropriate 12 step group. The sponsor then ensures that the addict attends meetings and the sponsor answers any questions. This is very useful in getting someone to feel comfortable with 12 step programs.

According to the National Library of Medicine, 12 Step Facilitation is easily the most common type of therapy available in sober houses. It seeks to build camaraderie among recovering addicts and encourages them to create a mutual support network in order to aid one another in the recovery process.

Some sober houses use group counseling for those that feel uncomfortable with the 12 Step process. In this case, two groups are established instead of just the 12 Step Program.

Services You May Find in Luxury Sober Living Programs

Prevention of Homelessness After Treatment

Many people leaving treatment have nowhere to go. Their friends and family will not take them back and they are homeless. A sober house gives addicts a place to live and learn after they leave an inpatient rehab. They allow them to stay until they are back on their feet and are ready to enter traditional society again.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, addiction treatment is far more effective when patients continue to receive care and life skills training after rehab or incarceration. Call SoberHouse.com today at 800-373-1667 and allow us to help you find the facility that is right for you.