February 3, 2023

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You Can’t Come Home: Telling your Son He Needs a Sober House

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Telling your son that he cannot come home after rehab is a very difficult thing to do. No parent wants to say to their child that they are not welcomed to their home yet. Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary when treatment is not complete and there is still a fear of relapse. There are ways to make this a bit easier on yourself and your son.

Talk to Your Son

The first thing that you need to do is talk to your son. Find out about his progress in rehab and talk to his doctors and the staff. Make sure that this is the right decision for you and your son. When someone comes out of inpatient rehab, they are uncertain and it is a difficult transition. This is why sober houses exist. Explain to your son that it is not that you do not want or love him, but that a sober house is a good place for him to learn to live a normal life without the drugs.

Needs a Sober House

Explain the benefits of sober living to your son and why it’s the best option for him.

There are reasons why a sober house works best for most people who need to transition. Talk to your son about these reasons. They are:

  • They teach life skills
  • They can help with job skills and employment
  • It is a place away from temptation where he can learn to deal with triggers
  • It can help to mend family relationships
  • He can continue counseling and doctor’s visits without temptation
  • He will be making other sober friends
  • They will help him get back on track

There are many other reasons why a sober house is sometimes needed before returning home. One of the number one reasons for seeking out a sober house is that it is too easy to use drugs or alcohol while his recovery is still in progress.

Reasons Why you Need Him to Go to a Sober House

If you are a parent and are debating whether a sober house is better than coming home or not. You need to examine your reasons for considering a sober house. You are not alone in this. Many people have reasons for not wanting their loved one to come home right after rehab. Some of the more common reasons are:

  • Your son stole from you while he was on drugs
  • Your son ruined other family or work relationships that have to be repaired
  • Your son continually lied to you while he was on drugs
  • You do not know if you can trust your son

Although these reasons seem horrible, they are very valid. When someone is in inpatient care, they are in a closed environment. This closed environment doesn’t allow for lack of trust because there is no way for him to use. Once he is home, it is natural to fear that the drug use and lying will start up again.

Benefits of Starting Your Sober Life in a Sober Home

Where to Find a Sober House for your Son

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