Is Staying in a Recovery Home Really Necessary?

Addiction is a mental illness that can take an extreme toll on an individual’s life. Therefore, it is important that each person be treated on a case-by-case basis, especially when it comes to aftercare and treatment options. Staying in a recovery home may be necessary for individuals in certain situations while it may not be the best course of action for others. It is highly important to consider a person’s needs before choosing a recovery home as a treatment or aftercare option.

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Does Every Addict Stay in a Recovery Home?

No. As a matter of fact, a study from the NCBI suggests, “Sober living houses are a good example of services that have been neglected in the addiction literature.” Many individuals do not realize that they are available, and if they do, they often cannot see their merit in helping those in need of an alcohol- and drug-free living facility and a slightly more controlled environment than living at home world provide.

Every addict does not choose to stay in a recovery home, but those who have often find that this option provides them with the help they need, either as a treatment type or an aftercare program. Still, these facilities are only as necessary as they are beneficial to the recovery of a specific addict.

When Should You Stay in a Recovery Home?

You may choose to stay in a recovery home for one of the reasons listed below.

  • You have left inpatient treatment and are in need of a transitional living arrangement with which you may take steps toward returning to your regular life.
  • You are looking for an alternative to formal addiction treatment.
  • You have experienced relapse or are struggling with an already existing recovery and need extra help for a certain amount of time.

One of these reasons may make living in a sober house something you should consider, especially if you have a job and are able to pay your share of the rent. Still, choosing a sober living house is only a necessity if it benefits the individual. You can stay in one of these facilities whether you are in a transitional space, looking for an alternative to treatment, or just in need of extra care at a certain time.

A person should stay in a recovery home if they are looking for the kind of help this type of facility provides. This means:

  • A place where residents can stay indefinitely
  • A safe and well-managed facility where all residents are held to the same standards
  • A home that provides the drug-free atmosphere of an inpatient facility but where patients can come and go as they please
  • An expectation that residents will attend some sort of treatment, even if it is just a support group

For individuals who need the kind of help listed above, a recovery home could be a necessary transition, either after or in place of treatment. But it is not necessary to choose this option at any time if it does not provide the essential benefits.

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No Fixed Time for Recovery Home Stays

recovery life

A sober home will set you off on the right path, and will help you meet others who are on a similar journey.

An individual does not need to stay at one of these facilities at any particular time in their treatment or recovery process. Recovery homes do not necessarily need to be attended as part of recovery and can also be a part of treatment as well. There is no amount of time a person needs to stay at one of these facilities nor is it required in order for the individual to reach a solid recovery. It all depends on the person and their specific needs.

According to the NIDA, “An individual’s treatment and services plan must be assessed continually and modified as necessary to ensure that it meets his or her changing needs.” The same is true for aftercare, recovery, and any other time where the individual’s needs are reassessed. While a recovery home may not be a necessary choice at the beginning of treatment, it may be better in long-term recovery, or vice-versa.

When Is Staying in a Recovery Home Necessary?

When it helps the addicted individual, staying in a recovery home is necessary. Here are some reason why this option could be the best potential choice for a specific individual.

  • The person has no friends or family members with whom they can stay after addiction treatment.
  • The person is having trouble adjusting to recovery after treatment.
  • The person wants to stay somewhere safe and drug-free but does not want to attend an inpatient facility.
  • The person does not have any co-occurring mental disorders and only needs guidance as a part of their addiction treatment or recovery.
  • The person is dissatisfied with their treatment type, living situation, etc. and considers the option of sober living.
  • The person is not in need of hands-on treatment but is in need of a safe place to live during treatment/recovery.
  • The person is likely to relapse if they are not in a drug-free environment.

If your situation does not contain one of these factors, a recovery home may not be the best fit for you. It is important to realize that there are always alternatives to living in one of these facilities.

Alternatives to Recovery Homes

Some alternatives to recovery homes include attending formal addiction treatment, living with a friend or family member after treatment, living in a halfway house, attending drug counseling, or attending support group meetings. However, most people consider a recovery home as an aftercare option and wonder if they are expected to attend one.

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How Can You Know?

If you believe that one of these facilities could be beneficial to your situation specifically, then you should consider staying in a recovery home. You should discuss this possibility with your doctor as well, as they might have thoughts on whether or not you need to stay for a certain time at a recovery home.

However, considering a recovery home and what it may be able to do for you is a necessity that will allow you to reflect on all your options. Ask yourself if the options provided by one of these homes seem like those which would benefit you. This is the only way you can know if staying in a recovery home is really necessary for you.

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