Where You Can Find Sober Living Housing

Sober living housing is an incredible aftercare option that is available to individuals just getting out of rehab. If you are leaving a rehabilitation program (especially an inpatient or residential one) and are uneasy about the idea of going straight back into your old life with all the pressures and problems it may include, consider an aftercare program in a sober living house where you can continue your treatment in a new, less controlled environment.

Even though sober living houses are not as controlled as inpatient facilities, they still are very helpful to individuals who are getting back on their feet after treatment. But where can you find sober living housing? And how can you know that a particular facility is going to be beneficial to you?

Where Do Sober Living Houses Exist?

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There are sober homes in many communities across the USA.

For the most part, sober living houses will exist in communities where there is a strong need for one. According to a study from the NCBI, “Sober living houses (SLHs) are alcohol- and drug-free living environments that support abstinence by emphasizing involvement in 12-step groups and social support for recovery.” These types of facilities are needed especially in cities where drug and alcohol use is higher and in those communities which have the most trouble with these issues.

Sober living houses exist all over the country, but unfortunately, the study states, “they have been understudied and underutilized.” When an individual decides to look for a sober living house, there are many ways of finding one as well as many places where one can transition from.

How Can I Find a Sober Living House?

There are several important aspects of looking for a beneficial and decent sober living house somewhere near you. Especially if you are just leaving another type of facility, it will be easier for you to transition with the help of others. Here are some of the ways you can find a sober living house that is right for you.

  • Ask for help from those who are currently caring for you.
  • Get your friends and family involved.
  • Research facilities online.
  • Visit facilities before moving in.

Sober living housing can be found in many places and in every state. It just takes some research and time to find the particular home that is right for you.

Finding Sober Living Housing

Where are the sober living houses near you? Perhaps you want to stay close to home or close to your rehab facility. There are many places where you can research a little about these facilities and find further information so that you may learn more about them. With SoberHouse.com, you can search their directory of sober living houses across the country and find the one that is best for you.

  • First choose a state, then a city. Each state will have a description about where sober living houses are located in which cities and different areas as well as about how beneficial it can be for you to transition from treatment into a sober living house.
  • Once you choose a city, there are usually one or more options of facilities that provide help and support to those who can pay rent on time and follow the rules of the sober living house.
  • The different sober living houses listed will usually have a name and an address attached. When you choose to view the details of the particular sober living house, you will receive:
    • A map of the sober living house’s location
    • An address for the sober living house
    • A list of other sober living houses nearby or in the same general area.
  • Also provided is a live chat allowing you to find out more about sober living from an expert and a phone number you can call with questions about your recovery.

Finding sober living housing isn’t difficult if you know whom to ask and where to look. Especially if you are still in treatment, allow your nurse, doctor, counselor, or another caregiver help you locate sober living houses in areas of your choice so that you may find one which

  • Meets your specific needs
  • Is in an area you feel comfortable with
  • Helps you continue your recovery in a positive way
  • Allows you to continue to feel supported after treatment

Where are Sober Living Houses Likely to Be?

The most sober living houses are going to be where they are needed in a specific community or city. The NCBI study states, “Sober living houses can be used as housing referrals after inpatient treatment, while clients attend outpatient treatment, after incarceration, or as an alternative to treatment.” This means that where these homes are needed they will be. Near facilities like:

  • Inpatient treatment facilities
  • Outpatient treatment facilities
  • Residential treatment facilities
  • Community outreach buildings
  • Free clinics

there is a likelihood that you may be able to find a sober living house. If you are currently in a facility such as these or know where one may be, asking individuals who work for one of these facilities can help point you toward a nearby sober living house. Especially in big cities, sober living houses will likely work with places like treatment facilities, clinics, community outreach programs, and prisons to help people easily transition from one place to another. You may be able to find help locating a sober living house from these facilities as well.

And, according to another study from the NCBI, Clean and Sober Transitional Living (a type of sober living program that is commonly used in many sober living houses) requires that residents “obtain a sponsor and be active in a 12-step program.” This means that many sober living houses are also built in the vicinity of facilities where 12-step programs and support groups meet. This is another way to help you find housing of this type: ask about nearby sober living houses after attending a 12-step meeting. Some of the other members would likely be happy to help you.

You can find sober living housing almost anywhere, but the important thing to remember is that you need to do a little research in order to find the right one. Afterward, making sure to visit the house before moving in is essential so you know the program will be a good fit for you.

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