Can I Have Visitors in My Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is a facility where people with a drug or alcohol addiction reside after transitioning from an inpatient drug treatment facility. Most recovering addicts, regardless of the type of drug addiction they are recovering from, are not prepared to function in a sober world without having adequate sober living plans in place.

Sober living homes are vastly different, offering a wide array of options some being very fancy, offering luxurious homes for their residences. Others are run more like homeless shelters, having fewer regulations. Unlike a halfway house, its residents pay rent and contribute to other costs.

The strict rules of the program must be adhered to or residents can be asked to leave the program immediately without warning. While this encourages some residents of the home to make a greater commitment to following the rules , the thought of being possibly homeless at any time causes others great stress and some will start using drugs or alcohol again to ease that stress. That is why it is very important to do your research in advance and find the right sober living home for you.

How Long Do I Have to Stay?

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Your sober home will have certain rules, but visitors are usually allowed at some points.

For most recovering addicts, relapse most often occurs within the first six months after they have completed an addiction treatment program. Therefore, it is highly recommended that recovering addicts participate in a sober living program or an after care program for at least six months after leaving treatment, however, according to The National Center for Biotechnology Information residents who stay for at least 18 months increase their chance at long term recovery even more. It is not mandatory but it is highly recommended.

Am I Allowed to Have Visitors in My Sober Living Facility?

Most Sober Living Homes will allow their residents to have visitors. Some will not allow visitors of the opposite sex however. At no time are any visitors allowed in bedrooms and visitors are generally not permitted to go past the first floor of the facility. This even applies to married couples and long term partners; sex is not allowed while at the facility.

Visitors must sign in and out of the facility when visiting and all visits must be approved by the housing’s leader or staff in advance. Visitors cannot interfere with house meetings or chores the resident is responsible for. Visitors are usually asked not to bring their cell phones or any electronic devises and anything brought into the facility by must first be approved to insure that drugs are not brought inside.

Am I Allowed to Leave?

Most sober living homes work on a privileges earned basis. Residents must earn privileges by following house rules and completing program objectives. Residents are usually allowed to bring their car if they have a valid driver’s license and proper registration and insurance. Transportation is also provided to make sure there is never an excuse for not attending outside meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous which are vital for long term recovery.

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