February 3, 2023

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Myths about Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

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Depending on who is speaking, it can be hard to know what fact is and what are myths about driving under the influence of marijuana. Regardless of opinion, the fact is that driving under the influence of any substance is illegal and more importantly, it is dangerous.

There are a few myths about driving under the influence of marijuana that people should be aware of.

People Drive Better High

It is a myth to believe that people drive better when they are high because they believe they drive slower. What most marijuana users do not realize is that marijuana impairs judgment and it can become worse when mixed with drinking.

Being slower may sound like a good thing, but it is not only driving that is slower. Marijuana affects reaction time and can stop an individual from seeing an upcoming crash in time to avoid it.

Drive High, Not Drunk

Driving Under the Influence

Like with alcohol, driving under the influence of marijuana can lead to imprisonment.

Many people were taught not to drink and drive as they grew up, but not nearly, as many were taught not to drive high. According to the North Dakota State University, marijuana affects concentration, perception, alertness, reaction time, and coordination. This makes driving high just as dangerous as driving drunk and just as vital to avoid a crash or death while driving.

Committing a DUI Alone

Some believe that committing a DUI is something that can affect only the driver. This is a myth, because driving under the influence can cause many adverse affects on everyone involved. If the marijuana user is injured or killed, their loved ones will feel the emotional side effects, and if the individual is driving with friends in the car, it can make the effects that much worse.

Less Severe Punishment

This is a common misconception that driving under the influence of marijuana does not have as severe a punishment as drinking drunk. Actually, if a driver is caught under the influence, they can be fined, face a license suspension, and even imprisonment.

According to the NIDA, many states have a zero-tolerance law for drugged driving and anyone can face the charges is there is even a small amount of drugs in their system. Many states are even looking for a way to better define impairment in the blood like that have for alcohol, which will make it easier to determine when a person had the marijuana.

There are many myths about driving under the influence of marijuana that people should be aware of before they attempt it. Driving under the influence of marijuana does not make a person drive better, as it can cause them to have a slow reaction time, it is just as dangerous as drunk driving, it is not committed alone, and the punishment for driving under the influence are just as severe as driving drunk.

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