What People will Not Tell you When you Get Out of Rehab

Leaving rehab can be an exciting time, it can also be a very scary one. When you use drugs it changes your life, when you stop using your life becomes a lot different. After leaving rehab people will undoubtedly feel awkward around you and there are things that they will neglect to mention after you get out.

That you Still Need Help

Many people think once they get out of rehab they are finished. This is not true. Although most people are not going to say this, you will still need help, a lot of help. They don’t tell you this because they don’t want you to feel that you didn’t make any progress.

If you Relapse, the Next Time will be Harder

Out of Rehab

You will still need help after rehab in order to avoid a relapse.

Although everyone knows that a relapse is likely, they will not tell you that when you do relapse getting off the drugs again is harder. All of the work that you did just goes down the drain, you wind up further away from being sober than when you started.

Even Once is a Relapse

You might think that you can use just once for old time sake. When you are about to use, depending on who you are around, most people will not tell you that once you use you are in relapse. Many of your friends who use will not tell you that you are about to relapse. Although they might care for you, they still won’t tell you.

Your Friends who Still Use may Secretly want you to Relapse

They are not going to mention this openly but people who use drugs and alcohol want to be around others that do. They are will not tell you that despite your friendship, that they still want you to be a drug user. It is unfortunate, but true.

Going Back is More Dangerous than Just Relapse

Most people are not going to mention that overdose is more likely when you relapse. They will neglect to mention this fact because they either do not want to scare you or they do not care if you use or not. Although this seems callous remember how you were when you were still using drugs.

Five Reasons to Live in a Sober House after Rehab

You Shouldn’t be Around your Friends who Still Use

Your friends who use are not going to tell you to go away or that it is better for you to not be around them. They won’t lecture you about relapse or that going back is harder than just staying clean. They won’t do this because they are using drugs and many people who use drugs will say just about anything to keep you using drugs.

You Need a Sober House

Even if you already understand the majority of the things that your friends who still use drugs won’t tell you, you might not realize that you need a sober place to be. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, sober houses help you to avoid relapse. They can provide that sober place to be.

When you use drugs the majority of the people around you probably also use drugs. It is important to remember that although they might not outright lie to you, they won’t tell you the whole truth either. We will. Call us at 800-953-3913 (Who Answers?) we can help you avoid relapse and find a sober house near you.

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