15 Unfortunate Misconceptions about Sober House Living

According to the National Library of Medicine, sober living is a viable source of aftercare for those who are not ready to reenter society. A sober living house is simply a residence where people who want to live in a sober environment stay until they are ready to face nonsober living. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about sober houses that stop many people from taking advantage of them.

1. Sober Living Houses all Contain Criminals

Although there are transitional houses that do house criminals wanting to reenter society, sober houses normally only house people in recovery inpatient care or a rehab facility.

2. Sober Houses are Boring

Most sober houses have a myriad of activities that help you to build skills and have fun.

3. There are Only Drug Addicts in Sober Living

This is not true, many former drug and alcohol addicts live in sober houses but due to drug testing requirements not many current addicts can live in a sober house.

4. People who Live in Sober Houses are Poor

Unfortunate Misconceptions

Sober houses provide the opportunity to take part in fun activities.

People who live in a sober house come from all walks of life.

5. You are Different from other People in Sober Houses

You are in the same situation as many of the people living in a sober house. Most of them are trying to accomplish the same things as you are.

6. All you Have to do is Stay Sober

Staying sober is not enough for recovery. Staying sober is important but participating in counseling and other programs can offer a more complete recovery and reentry into society.

7. You Have to Participate in Everything in Order to Remain Sober

Although participation is encouraged, it is very rarely required. Pick the programs that you feel will help your recovery the most.

8. You Cannot Work While you are in a Sober House

Not only can you work while you are in a sober house, you are encouraged to do so. It is part of the program. Many sober houses offer employment skills training as well as a program for writing resumes and other services.

9. You Have to Stay at the Sober House 24/7

Most people leave sober houses on a regular basis. Sober houses offer activities as well as community opportunities to get out for recreation.

10. You Have to Always Check in at a Sober House

Although you do have to check in nightly, you are not required to check in during the day.

11. There is Only One Type of Sober House

Some people believe that only one type of people goes to a sober house. There are many types of people in a sober house.

Popular Myths About Sober Houses

12. All People in Sober Houses are there Because they Have No Where to Go

People are in a sober house because they want to get used to sober living, not because they have nowhere to go.

13. You are Always Watched in a Sober House

Although sober houses do have staff, it works just like many other residences.

14. You have to Stay Relationship Free in a Sober House

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to having a relationship with someone who does not reside in a sober house, although many sober houses do not allow relationships with someone else inside the house.

15. Finding a Sober House is Difficult

It is not difficult to find a sober house. For help finding treatment that is suitable for your needs, call 800-953-3913 (Who Answers?).

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